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Commander Yarayn entered the forward lounge early in the morning, nursing a slight headache and generally acting grumpy. He shuffled over towards one of the food replicators and mumbled something unintelligible at it. The computer voice said in its gender neutral voice, "Unable to comply. Please repeat instructions in one of the 783,422.3 languages programmed into the computer database to continue." Vol just glared tiredly at the machine.

In the forward lounge that morning was Doctor Jn'kuk, reviewing something on his PADD and having a morning croissant. He smelt of bread himself, though it was slightly less intense than before. He glanced up at Vol and watched him struggle with the machine with a faintly bemused face.

Vol stood glaring at the machine a few moments longer. Then, he cleared his throat and stated grumpily, "Coffee. Black. Hot." The replicator complied with his request, generating a large mug of steaming coffee for him. He sighed in relief and carried the mug over to a two-seat table to enjoy it and wake up properly.

After noticing Vol did not approach him, he stood up and approached the Cardassian. "Sir." He kept no emotion in his face, but he used a softer voice this morning.

Vol looked up at Moko, dark circles under his eyes, then stared back into his mug, taking a deep drink before he responded, "Doctor."

He took note of the bags under his eyes. Those weren't just bags, those were Gucci. "I would like to talk to you about a proposed set of wellness programs for the officers aboard the Demeter when she sets out."

Vol sighed, taking another deep sip, and said, "You'll have to remind me...or preferably show me the proposal on a PADD; I've not been sleeping well the last few nights." He just barely managed to stifle a yawn and continued, "If you ever have a chance to become first officer on a ship...well, you'll probably be used to the paperwork, being a doctor anyway."

"The paperwork can be crippling." He couldn't help using his softer, bedside voice. He sounded more like a dad and less like an officer. He pulled up the proposal on his PADD and let Vol look at it again. It was a suggestion to have yoga and dance classes at least once a week, taught by Moko if he cannot locate a suitable officer to do so, and a health and wellness class at least once a month, but preferably more, to educate officers on how to keep themselves well and healthy. This would include first aid training. "You'll fall into good paperwork habits soon enough."

Volurus blinked his eyes and squinted at the PADD for a few moments before rolling his eyes and smacking the side of his own head. He set down the PADD, lifted the collar of his uniform top, momentarily exposing his Cardassian military insignia, and retrieved a pair of wire frame glasses. Perching these on his nose, he picked the PADD back up and smirked. "That's better," he said, reading the text swiftly before setting the PADD back down and pulling off his glasses. "Well, doctor," he said, "Starfleet regulations already require regular exercise for all officers and enlisted sailors. However, I'll agree with your proposals for general first aid training and...the other items for stress relief purposes only. I can't tell you how many Cardassian soldier lives would have been saved if they'd only taught simple field medicine at the military academy." He handed the PADD back to Moko and gestured to the empty chair at his table.

He took note of the glasses. Unusual, in this day and age, but unless his medical records indicate that Volurus needs his eyesight adjusted, then he really can't call him in to get his eyes fixed. He sat down slowly, and tucked his tail under his medical jacket again. "I feel quite the same. Basic medical training could keep someone alive long enough to get to sickbay. You'd be surprised how few officers can spot a concussion." He took the PADD. "...I was unaware you wore glasses. Is there something wrong with your eyesight?"

Vol nodded and said, "Retinal damage during my service for Cardassia. Our ship was scanning a white dwarf star about twenty years ago when Gul Narcit wished to view the star on the screen. Everyone on the bridge was exposed to the intense white light before the computer managed to adjust the light shielding and brightness. I was lucky. Narcit and most of the rest of the bridge crew went blind. Our helmsman went slowly insane due to the retinal scarring reaching all the way into her frontal lobe. Murdered three of the engineers before we managed to take her out." He gazed into his mug solemnly.

For as traumatic as the story was, his face did not change into one of horror. It softened, but he had seen his fair share of ugly things during war. "I understand. I can regenerate retinal tissue for you, if you would like your eyesight fixed. Of course, it may mean a day off from paperwork, and I know how much you would miss that." He cracked a smile. Though, it had been quite a while since that incident, and he knows Cardassians are weird. He would not be surprised if Vol decided against the procedure.

Vol shrugged, drinking more coffee, and said, "I would, but the devices the Federation uses to regenerate retinal tissue resembles a very different device used by Cardassian...Well, in Starfleet, we call them 'security officers'. In any case, the device in question is a torture device used to...cook the victim's brain. Too hot, and the brain literally melts out the ears, but the idea is to make the victim suffer enough to tell the inquisitor whatever they want to know. I was forced to watch our 'security' officers kill one of the Vorta we captured after we joined the Cardassian Rebellion. It's part of why I defected after the war."

Interesting information. He had always knew the Cardassians were barbaric, but that was frightening. He folded his hands as he spoke. "I suppose anesthesia would not help you feel better about the procedure?" HE wanted to ask more about the war stories, but he felt that was a sensitive, touchy topic that shouldn't be approached this early in the morning.

"Probably not."

"Well, if you change your mind, I will be happy to make an appointment with you." It's likely that Vol could get replacement glasses from a replicator, so he does not offer his help there.

Vol smiled thinly at the offer. "Thank you, Doctor," he said. "But I've actually grown quite happy with my spectacles. Besides, we're supposed to hate each other on principle until some heart-wrenching moment when we finally start getting along for the Captain's sake. So sayeth the autobiography of Admiral Leonard McCoy." He laughed at the joke.

He couldn't help it, he chuckled. "Well, pardon my inappropriate show of friendliness. I assure you, it won't happen again." His voice had a joking tone to it, for once. "Though, in all seriousness, it is my job to keep you well."

Vol nodded, then adopted an extremely grumpy look on his face. "You still smell like a bakery at low tide, though."

"I've never met anyone who disliked the scent of a bakery before. Why do you hate it so much?" After all, if his conscious didn't stop him, Moko would eat baked goods till he popped.

Vol waved one of his hands while he explained, a human trait he'd picked up at Starfleet Academy, "It's not the scent of a's the overbearingly excessive scent of a bakery."

"I would hardly call it excessive." After all, he applied less cologne today. It has to be the fact that Cardassians are big complainers.

Vol gulped down the remainder of his coffee. "Well, I have a great many things to take care of today, Doctor. Manifests to go over and so on. Have a good day." He got up from the table, had a fresh travel mug of coffee replicated, and left the forward lounge.

And Moko stayed put. After all, he was not done with his breakfast and looking over his PADD.
5-24-15 That first mug of coffee...
...Or Volurus reveals information about his past to the good doctor.
Also, Star Trek: The Original Series reference.

:iconstartrekepsilon: is a Star Trek roleplaying project piloted by :icongarrusthespectre:
Commander Volurus Yarayn is mine
Doctor Moko 13 Tngiyal Jn'kuk belongs to :icontoastbusters:
Name: Volurus Yarayn
Nickname/Alias: Vol
Gender: Male
Race: Cardassian
Birthplace: Cardassia Prime 2345
Age: 45
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 220 lbs
Appearance: Like most Cardassians, his skin is grey and ridged, with his black hair beginning to show grey and white (especially noticeable in a thin stripe of white on the left side). His eyes are a deep, almost emerald green. He wears his hair relatively short and slicked tight against his skull. Even given his weight, his height makes him appear lanky, and most of it is lean muscle. He keeps his uniform crisp and clean and wears his Cardassian military insignia underneath the right breast.
Rank: Commander (First Officer) (formerly Glinn)
Career: Command
Specialization: Military negotiations.
Personality: A long military career has made Volurus a fairly obstinate individual. He is professional when on duty, and hardliner to the rules. Off-duty, he can only be called "not very sociable" (too many years with other Cardassians). Normally, he would be a friendly individual, but interpersonal relationships with non-Cardassians have been difficult for him, especially after the Dominion War. He adores all literature (he never refers to Cardassian books as "literature", because they're "dull and to a one - worth less than offal"), and should anyone broach the subject, he could talk their ears off enthusiastically. He also has no idea how to act around or treat children, since he didn't have much of a child-like childhood himself. And to be frank, he rather envies the boundless hope and trust children have. Should someone get him out of his shell, he might even prove to be more childlike in his 40s than most individuals.
Biography: The eldest of 4 children, Vol was groomed and raised by his parents (a retired Gul and a scholar) specifically to become a military man in his adult years. He has two brothers (one an architect, the other an artist) and one sister who is also a current member of Starfleet. He attended a military academy on Cardassia Prime from a young age and excelled in his studies and training, particularly those encouraging leadership skills and hand-to-hand combat skills. After graduation, he applied for and was accepted at the Cardassian Military Academy. In 2369, he graduated from the Academy and was assigned to the command staff of the Third Order, quickly attaining the rank of Glinn just before the outbreak of the Dominion War.
In 2370, while the ship on which he was assigned was scanning a white dwarf star, the captain, Gul Narcit, ordered the viewscreen to be turned on to view the star visually. The viewscreen didn't polarize quickly enough, permanently blinding most of the bridge crew. Vol was lucky, his own eyesight was only damaged enough to make him need glasses to read for the rest of his life, barring regenerative technology. One of the helmsmen, a young female with whom Vol had been a friendship and entertaining the idea of romantic interest, went mad from excessive scarring reaching into her frontal lobe and murdered three of the engineers on board before Vol and a team of security officers were forced to put her down.
He currently refuses to have his eyesight repaired by Starfleet technology, because the device used by the Federation for this purpose resembles a Cardassian torture device used to cook the brain of sentient humanoids. He was forced to watch one of his ship's security officers kill a captured Vorta this way.
One of the After the formation of the Cardassian Rebellion, his detachment's Gul was one of those who ordered them to attack a Dominion outpost. After the War (2375), he "defected" to the Federation, attending one of Starfleet Academy's branches in the command school as a post-graduate. He struggled to learn Federation protocol after so many years indoctrinated by Cardassian thought, but eventually graduated in 2381 and was assigned position at Federation Outpost 387. His attention to detail and strict adherence to rules and regulations eventually earned him promotion to Commander, after which he requested transfer to the Demeter as the ship's first officer for its maiden voyage in 2389-90, not realizing his sister had also earned position aboard the ship.
He was kept under house-arrest from 2375-77 by Starfleet Command while they and elements of Starfleet Intelligence put his life and Cardassian Military career under the microscope. After a lengthy tribunal, during which his prior career was sealed by the admiralty for his own safety from possible rogue elements of Cardassia and other planets seeking revenge, he was allowed to join the United Federation of Planets as a full citizen and allowed to join Starfleet Academy as well.
He never married and has no children as a result, much to his regret (but secretly hopes it's not too late to start a family).
Given his upbringing to be a military man, Vol has found that he doesn't relate to his family very well and wishes to make up for that by at least getting to know his sister better. However, their vast differences in personality is something of a frustration to him. His brothers Kovat and Melor want nothing to do with him, because (as civilians) they blame the military for their involvement in the Dominion War. Despite this, he is devoted to them and would do anything for them if they ever asked.
Vol's father was called back into service in the Eleventh Order during the Dominion War and died with 500,000 others when the Klingons wiped out the planet on which the Order was stationed. His mother perished on Cardassia Prime when the Dominion mass-bombed the planet at the end of the war.
Since joining the Federation, he's developed a liking (almost to the point of dependency) for Terran coffee.
Strengths: Diplomacy, hand-to-hand combat
Weaknesses: literary debates, threats to his remaining family
Other: He keeps a mated pair of wompats in his quarters as pets.
A good friend of mine :icongarrusthespectre: is recruiting for a [sortof] brand new Star Trek roleplay group/chat of his design and I offered to help him out! ^_^

If you're interested at all, send him a note, send me a note, send a note to his group at :iconstartrekepsilon:, or pop into his chatroom (the name of which is StarTrekEpsilon)
  • Reading: Princes of the Apocalypse
  • Watching: Wild, Wild West
  • Eating: a cough drop
  • Drinking: Deer Park water
A good friend of mine :icongarrusthespectre: is recruiting for a [sortof] brand new Star Trek roleplay group/chat of his design and I offered to help him out! ^_^

If you're interested at all, send him a note, send me a note, send a note to his group at :iconstartrekepsilon:, or pop into his chatroom (the name of which is StarTrekEpsilon)
  • Reading: Princes of the Apocalypse
  • Watching: Wild, Wild West
  • Eating: a cough drop
  • Drinking: Deer Park water


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