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Starting sometime in the near future, I'll be running a Pathfinder RPG campaign on deviantART chats. It's one of Paizo Publishing's official Pathfinder RPG campaign modules: Rise of the Runelords. Whether you're an "old hand" or a newbie, if you're interested in joining, leave a comment below!
Projected game day will be Saturdays. No set time yet.
2 player slots are potentially filled already, but we need at least 4 players total to begin!
Don't have any rulebooks? Don't need 'em! Everything you need to learn about character creation, skills, feats, spells, equipment, etc. can be found here:
Potential players will need to read the sections entitled "Basics & Ability Scores", "Alignment & Description", "Races", "Classes", "Feats", and "Skills" (the Skills section can be found on the left hand menu bar). If you choose a casting (magic) class, you'll also need to search through the "Magic" section for level 1 spells.
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave them below, drop me a message in my inbox, message me on Skype (prophyt86 - 4-9 PM EST only), or send me an e-mail with "Pathfinder RotR Questions" in the subject bar (
If you're an experienced Game Master/Dungeon Master/Story Teller and want to help me run the campaign or just offer any advice, suggestions, feel free to contact me!
Before you get too far in your character creation, here are some quick campaign restrictions/guidelines:
No Third Party materials are approved for this campaign.
Banned Classes:
1. Gunslinger
2. Ninja
3. Samurai
4. Anti-Paladin (subject to Game Master approval)
Banned Races:
1. Goblins - no exceptions
2. Hobgoblins
3. Orcs
4. Kobolds
5. Drow
6. Any of the races listed in the "Uncommon Races" section (subject to Game Master Approval)
Starting equipment is limited to one outfit worth 10 GP (gold pieces) or less, one weapon from the Simple Weapons category (subject to Game Master approval), and whatever starting gold your character class is permitted. Arcane casting classes (wizard, magus, witch) may begin play with a Spellbook. Divine casting classes (Cleric, Oracle, Paladin, Inquisitor) may begin play with a wooden holy symbol for their chosen deity.

Ability Score Generation:
Using the dice roller at , roll 3d6 (three six-sided dice), drop the lowest roll, then add 6 to the remaining results.

More things (not just restrictions) will be added later.



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: North Carolina
Favorite genre of music: just about anything except: rap, R&B, country, and most forms of modern "rock"
Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
Favorite cartoon character: Greed
Personal Quote: You can't rush these things you know; osmosis takes time!

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