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Rengar, Last of the Elves - Character intro 6/6
It has been 50 years to the day since the sentient creature who claimed to be a spirit emissary of Rillifane Rallathil began to instruct you in the ways of nature. In the chaos of the Faelands’ collapse and the loss of your family, you never questioned the creature. After all, it provided you with the means to commune with nature, find shelter, and survive. Under Orthren’s tutelage, you have grown at one with the Forest of Thorns and been protected from the madness that has engulfed the land in the centuries following the silence of the gods. At least, that’s what you remember the elders of your former enclave telling you as a boy.
[Ask what he’s doing this particular morning.]
In the middle of [activity], Orthren announces his presence with a rumbling growl behind you. [Wisdom/Nature check DC 10 Success] The enormous black creature never seemed to eat, and you could never be sure exactly what kind of creature it was, but it always seemed to be healthy. Today, h
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Mature content
Silence at Citadel Breakwater :icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 0
Mature content
Hurley, Vengeant - Character intro 5/6 :icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 0
Aamath, Priestly Giant - Character intro 4/6
When the brave (or foolish) missionary from Artamark came to your home settlement of Tyr-Lysia several years ago, he captivated your mind with tales of the gods of old. Unlike the spirits of animals and the earth taught by the Goliath shamans, the gods had flaws and desires like any other humanoid. Since then, you’ve made frequent trips to the mostly-human settlement to learn more. Father Felix was not a young man in those first days, and his age has definitely begun to catch up with him. Just yesterday, he sent a very frightened messenger to summon to to his home, perhaps for the last time.
“A [name], my son,” the elderly Felix says, greeting you at the door to his regrettably small home. “Come in, come in.”
When you first visited, you could barely fit through the door, and the missionary personally paid for a larger, goliath-sized door to be put in its place. He shuffles away from the door and back to his bed. [Perception check DC 5].
[Success] The way t
:icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 0
The Lone Nomad Tala - Character intro 3/6
Many many moons ago, you've lost track of how many now, you left your tribe in the Dragonsmaw Mountains. The passage of time along with the influence of encroaching settlements of humans was shrinking their seasonal trek year after year. When you decided to finally strike out on your own, the tribal elders had begun to speak of settling the tribe itself before all the good land was taken.
You felt there was no glory in becoming a farmer, and many of the older warriors thought the same, however they had families to care for and would follow the tribe, whatever the decision the Elders made. Thus, you set out with nothing but your wits, weapon, and a pack on your back containing what few supplies you thought you needed to make a way of your own.
The first few days were difficult, as you’d always had the tribe to rely upon. But now that you’ve come down from the mountains and into the shores of Coral Crown, you’ve found plenty of work
[Strength] As a mercenary to protect
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Isabell Joins the Town Guard - Character intro 2/6
You left yours and your father’s house early that morning. Your home was outside of town, and you didn’t want your father to mourn you leaving to join the town guard, his only remaining family. It is shortly after sunrise when you arrive at the town guardhouse to apply for membership in the town guard and Captain Gulley has only just arrived to open it up for the day. You take a deep breath and eagerly approach. Your arrival startles the captain, as he has only just sat down with a hot cup of dark liquid you think might be tea. “Oh! Er…” he says. “Isabell. What are you doing here so early? Something wrong at the homestead?”
[wait for response]
“Oh, er...joining the guard, eh? Well...I can’t say I’m surprised. You’re a very good archer. Unfortunately, girl, there’s not currently an opening. That’s why we have the militia, y’see.”
He must have seen the disappointment spreading across your face, beca
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The Trial of Brother Thaylog - Character intro 1/6
You have been called before the masters of Pyn’s Rise Mountain Monastery, your home for the last few years. There have been whispers recently that you are ready for the trials, ready to become a full-fledged monk. You hope the whispers are correct as you make your way to the mountain peak. The air is chilly. The monastery wraps around the upper reaches of the mountain, above most of the clouds. The monks believe this brings them closer to Pyn’s warmth. As you pass through the archway leading to the small plateau of the masters [Perception check DC 10]
You see the four masters seated a short distance ahead, facing you, [Success] even from this distance, you can see apprehension on their faces.
[Failure] You don’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
You instructor, Brother Helios, the man who saved your life all those years ago, is standing in front of the masters, speaking to them. One of the masters clears their throat. Helios turns and faces you with a slightly stra
:icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 1 0
Gathered errata
Recommended races:
(other races are considered rare, but still viable options)
Nonexistent races:
Underdark races (drow, duergar, svirfneblin)
Everyone is starting at Level “0” as an NPC class
Recommended NPC class: Commoner (MM 345) for base stats
Give a +2 to your intended heroic class’s recommended primary ability score, +1 to the recommended secondary ability score.
Add racial bonuses, languages, proficiencies, abilities.
Ignore any racial spells (for now).
Proficiency bonus +2
HD 1d8 (take the average - 5 - if under a 4)
Sanity Score - 3d6, reroll 1s
If you're intending to play a casting class, you may have access to a cantrip of your class’s spell list.
Starting Equipment:
one simple weapon
one cloth outfit
two trinkets from either the PHB or the Elemental Evil Player’s Guide
Recommended backgrounds (for intended classes):
[These are recommendations, feel free to choose othe
:icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 1 0
5-24-15 That first mug of coffee...
Commander Yarayn entered the forward lounge early in the morning, nursing a slight headache and generally acting grumpy. He shuffled over towards one of the food replicators and mumbled something unintelligible at it. The computer voice said in its gender neutral voice, "Unable to comply. Please repeat instructions in one of the 783,422.3 languages programmed into the computer database to continue." Vol just glared tiredly at the machine.
In the forward lounge that morning was Doctor Jn'kuk, reviewing something on his PADD and having a morning croissant. He smelt of bread himself, though it was slightly less intense than before. He glanced up at Vol and watched him struggle with the machine with a faintly bemused face.
Vol stood glaring at the machine a few moments longer. Then, he cleared his throat and stated grumpily, "Coffee. Black. Hot." The replicator complied with his request, generating a large mug of steaming coffee for him. He sighed in relief and carried the mug over to a tw
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Anxiety/I'm sorry
She is stressed.
I am stressed.
She can cope.
I have no coping mechanisms in place, because anxiety is new.
She yelled at me, insinuated I don't love her.
I know these feelings aren't normal; you don't have to tell me.
I know I need to get help for myself; you don't have to tell me.
I'm sorry.
I walk around the house, a shell of myself.
No one here to bear witness to my emptiness.
I fight off the tears, taking every ounce of my will.
Men aren't supposed to cry.
I know I smile and make others laugh; you don't have to remind me.
I know I've disappointed you before; you don't have to remind me.
I'm sorry.
I've cancelled something I normally enjoy, because the anxiety is too much.
The other express concern, but all I can say is I'm sorting things out.
My head hangs low and I sit in the car, unwilling to move.
I'm sorry...
:icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 2 0
Mature content
Fuga Ignis :icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 1
Cat-venturers Part Two
Caduceus and Obsidian soon arrived in the Nobles' District to retrieve Obsidian's supplies from his hiding place. Caduceus slowed to a stop and shook some moisture from his forepaws. "All right, Ob. Where did you hide your supplies?"
"This way, sirrr," he replied, taking the lead.
Obsidian led Caduceus down an alleyway to a small sewer grate set in the stones. "I hid them herrre, sirrr," he said, pulling himself onto his back paws and grasping the grate to lift it. After a few moments struggling, he turned to Caduceus for help.
Caduceus also set up on his back paws before walking over to grasp the grate in his forepaws. "When did you hide these?" he asked, tugging on the iron with Obsidian.
"This morrrning, beffforrre going back home."
"Caduceus nodded. "The metal must have expanded from the heat of the day." With a final tug, the iron popped loose. Obsidian reached into a small alcove underneath the lip of the hole. "This is a good hiding spot," Caduceus continued. "But I see what you
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Cat-venturers Part One
With a start, the old man awoke. Outside his little cottage in the Commoner's District, the sun slowly sank below the walls of the town. As the days of summer cooled and shortened into fall and winter, he was feeling more and more tired. He has intended to only take a short nap after supper, but by the fading light, he knew it had gone too long, and yet he was still very much tired.
On his lap, two bright blue eyes and a yawning pink mouth told him that his little cat could understand how he felt. He caressed the creature's fur with a withered, calloused hand. "Time for bed, eh, Caduceus?"
The mostly sand colored cat licked his nose and blinked lazily. The old man chuckled. "Well...bed for me at any rate, my little companion." He gently shooed the cat from his lap and struggled to get out of the old wooden rocker. Quickly, before all natural light disappeared from the cottage, he lit a short candle of animal fat with flint and rock.
He turned to go into his tiny bedroom, the only room
:icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 4
Mature content
Chapter One [draft 1] :icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 0 3
The glamour shot by Doomsday-Prophyt The glamour shot :icondoomsday-prophyt:Doomsday-Prophyt 8 20
SWJO RP profile - Millon Stenjaar - smuggler
Name: Millon Stinjaar
Nickname/Alias: Mill, Stinger
Race/Species: Corellian
Place of Birth: Talus, in the Corellian Sector
Current Age: 30 standard years
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 207 lbs.
Appearance: Mill would be best described as "handsome, but unpleasant" in appearance. While being somewhat attractive - rounded jaw, sea blue eyes, chiseled nose, a healthy head of thick black hair, and physically fit - his appearance and demeanor are marred by a few things - his lips, when not curled in perpetual disdain for the galaxy, hold a sneer of dark humor, his eyes dimmed by bitterness, a slightly stooped swagger as though weighed down by more years than he's actually lived, patchy stubble from not keeping up with proper shaving, and a map of vibroblade scars and blaster scorch marks across his pale white skin, the most predominate of which are a deep scar running diagonally down (right to left) across his forehead and th
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

If you’ve ever considered playing a tabletop role-playing game (TRPG or Pen-and-Paper RPG) but have never had time to research or don’t know what to play, here’s a simple primer for you!

There are many many games to choose from; I’m going to focus on two of the most popular game “systems” here.

The first, and arguably most popular TRPG is of course Dungeons and Dragons, using the d20 rules system (a twenty-sided die is used to resolve most conflicts). D&D has had several iterations over its 30+ year history and all of them are still played by its fans. The most frequently played versions are Revised 3rd edition (D&D 3.5) - and its spiritual successor Pathfinder - and 5th edition. D&D overall is very rules heavy with a lot of character options to decide before you even begin playing and plenty of math involved in game as well. While 5th edition has simplified a lot of the rules that bogged down previous editions, it is also fairly heavy mathematics wise. Dungeons and Dragons provides a balanced atmosphere of storytelling, chance, and reasoning skills that is great for players of any age. And, depending on who your game master is, the game itself can favor any one of those three things or none of them. D&D is also the classic fantasy RPG that takes players to faraway worlds reminiscent of Tolkien, Lewis, and others. While D&D isn’t the only game that utilizes the d20, it is the most famous.

The second TRPG I would like to talk about is the Storytelling System. In 1991, White Wolf Publishing released the World of Darkness game line with Vampire: the Masquerade as its first game setting. World of Darkness (WoD) was heralded as a world similar to our own but with all the nightmares our imaginations could conjure being real and experienced plenty of popularity among players who liked gothic-punk setting, an emphasis on role-playing over dice rolling, and rule considerably more simple than those of the d20 system. These games, and others like them, use ONLY ten-sided dice for rolls. World of Darkness is still being published today as “Chronicles of Darkness” by Onyx Path Publishing, with spiritual successors to all of White Wolf’s games from the Classic World of Darkness line (Werewolf, Vampire, Mage, etc.). Other games to use a d10 system include but are not limited to Legend of the Five Rings, Exalted, and Scion. If you like a heavy emphasis on interactive storytelling or are a fan of gothic or Lovecraftian horror, World of Darkness and its brothers are for you.

[There are other games, especially ones that use d6 (six-sided dice) systems, that exist and enjoy moderate popularity, but are so varied and different from one another that I cannot begin to bring them up here. This is a sample list of other systems you might want to look up: Cypher, Numenara, The Strange, Fate, Mouse Guard, The Dresden Files RPG, Fiasco, Call of Cthulhu, Dragon Age RPG, and many many more.]

Here’s a short list of items you’ll need or can borrow for your first (or continuing) adventures in TRPG:

Pencils (mechanical or otherwise)


Dice (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 20 sided)

Scrap paper

And before you say “But, Doomy, the books are so big! I don’t want to read a textbook just to play a game!” DON’T WORRY.

Most TRPG rulebooks contain information for players AND Game Masters. For most players, the only necessary reading is done for character creation (usually a 1-3 chapters in a 14+ chapter book). Other reading, like combat rules, skill usage, and so on, can be referenced as needed or can even be gleaned from other experienced players or GM in a group. In my groups, one or more players own or have access to the rulebooks as well, so if you can’t afford or find a rulebook for a game you want to play, just ask! In addition, most modern TRPGs have books available in print and PDF versions for varying preferences.

I hope this “primer” has been useful to you and helps you pick the right game for you!

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